II. Data Collection Committee Meeting

II. Data Collection Meeting was held at the project office in Ankara on 12 December, 2019. At the meeting, firstly, project team leader Mark Dimech introduced himself to the committee and evaluated the content and dates of the meetings and workshops planned between January and March 2020 with the participants.

Discussions were made under the three main topics. These are; the production of draft protocols and draft methodology regarding data relay systems to include actual real time catch & landing figures , the development of a draft operational plan for the collection, management & use of data of major fish stocks in Turkish waters and the content of the production of a tailor made technical report on the improvement of scientific advice in Turkish fisheries management.

In addition, Mehmetcan Gençler, National Fisheries Stock Monitoring and Assessment Center (UBSİBİM) software coordinator and his team made presentations on the development of software for the fisheries data collection and its processing system for the IFISH project. Gençler stated that they have made progress in the literature related to the development of the software and significant progress will be made with the sonar data. Metin Tosun, the software development expert of the team, made a presentation about the planning stage of the processing of the data received from the buoys after being collected at UBSİBİM. Brainstorming was made with the contribution of the academics who participated in the meeting about the architecture planned for the data process and the committee conducted discussions about this topic.

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