II. Strategy Workshop

II. Strategy Workshop was held at project’s office on February 18th, 2020 in Ankara. Discussion were held at the workshop to revise the previous strategy report prepared for ecosystem approach and integrated management in fisheries activities.

The topics discussed for the strategy report consist of eight main chapters. These include:
  • The development of an Ecosystem Approach in Fisheries Management (EAFM) and integrated resource management system in Turkey,
  • The use of scientific data for fisheries management in Turkey
  • Advice on the allocation and mobilization of human resources of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in order to maintain the proper operation of the necessary bodies
  • Establishment of necessary bodies (UBSIBIM) and Scientific Advisory Body and drafting of implementing guidelines,
  • Management and use of data by UBSIBIM and other end-users within the relevant institutions and integration of these system within the ministry’s information system,
  • Stakeholders participation in data collection and in-situ surveys,
  • Advice for a curricula for the graduate, post graduate and PhD. departments at the universities in order to develop capacity in Turkey,
  • A communication strategy for the implementation of stock assessment activities.

In the workshop, various evaluations and changes to be made were determined in the above mentioned topics. Thus, progress has been made in the IFISH project through ecosystem-based fisheries management, stakeholder participation and EU rules and regulations.

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