Module 5 - C1 Training

The IFISH Module 5 training was held from the 19 - 21 February 2020 in Ankara. The content of Module 5 was C1 - Ecological models, data recovery and validation methodology.

Module 5 C1 was given by Asst.Prof. Ekin Akoğlu, Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Science and Dr.Simone Libralato, PhD. Researcher at National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS).

The first day of training, ecological models for the implementation of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management: from multispecies to ecosystem models, was given by Ekin Akoğlu. In the afternoon session, data required for modelling, incorporating ecosystem models in fisheries management and case studies was given by Simone Libralato.

In the second day of the training, introduction to Ecopath and Ecosim, building a model with Ecopath and Ecosim and analysis of outputs were given by Akoğlu and Libralato. Ecopath model directly transferred to Ecosim, Ecosim requires parameters (that are different from Ecopath) and environmental effects, model validation and species interactions can be represented with time series and functions were shown to the participants. During the training, Ecopath and Ecosim programs were installed on the computers of the participants, applications and exercises were made together.In the last day of training, practice with Ecosim, fitting time series, forecasting of management scenarios were explained by Akoğlu and Libralato.

At the end of the training, participation certificates were given to participants and plaquets were presented to the trainers and Module 5 C1 training was completed successfully.

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