Python Programming Language Training

IFISH Python Programming Language Training was held at the project office from the March 9-11th,2020 in Ankara. Thanks to the large and useful libraries in Python data science, the participants who received Python training were aimed to form the basis for processing and evaluating the data obtained so far within the scope of the IFISH project.

Python Programming Language Training was given by Hüseyin Uyar, research assistant in Computer Engineering in Ege University Faculty of Engineering. In the Python training program, which lasted for 3 days, introduction to programming language of Python and the use of Python in data science was explained practically to the participants.

The first day of Python training, data types, basic operations, variables, single and double selection structures, conditional and numbered loops, functions and one- and two-dimensional lists that basic feautures of Python were introduced. On the second day of the training, where more practical examples were done, the topics of data analysis with Python, introduction to Jupyter Notebook, Numpy and Pandas were covered and made exercises. On the last day of the training, introduction to machine learning, linear regression and gradient descent and time series were covered. Participants practiced with classification, regression and prediction using machine learning methods in Python data science libraries.

At the end of the training, participation certificates were given to participants and a plaquet was presented to the trainer and Python Programming Language Training was completed successfully.

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