Module 6 – T3 Training

The IFISH project has made a change in the training format due to the continuation of the coronavirus (COVID19) epidemic and has decided to complete the trainings in its online platform on the IFISH E-Learning website ( In the first stage, our training platform was opened to the use of the central organization of the Ministry and research institute staff of the Ministry and it is planned to be accessible to stakeholders in the following period.

The first training uploaded to the IFISH E - Learning was the Module 6 - T3 Mapping Fisheries Data training. The training content of Module 6 - T3 was prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sinan Mavruk, Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries and Department of Marine Biology. In the Module 6: T3. Mapping Fisheries Data training, there are 28 videos in total, 6 of which contain theoretical information and have been uploaded to the IFISH E-Learning Platform. Each application is described in detail as a video, a code file containing the R codes used in the video, and an HTML page containing detailed explanations of the video.

In the scope of IFISH Module 6: T3 training, basic information about the mapping of fisheries data using R Statistical Programming Language and Computing Environment has been given and sample applications were presented. The content of the training are; understanding and applying basic statistical methods using R, understanding concepts such as coordinate system, datum, projection system and transforming between systems using R, creating maps in R environment, visualizing fisheries data with different characteristics on a map and understanding geo-statistical models and simple interpolation using R.

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