Echoview Hydro – acoustic Data Analysis Training

The training content of Echoview Hydro – acoustic Data Analysis Training was prepared by Prof. Dr. Ali Cemal Gücü, Middle East Technical University, Institute of Marine Sciences.

In Echoview Hydro – acoustic Data Analysis Training, a total of 6 videos have been uploaded to the IFISH E-Learning Platform. EchoView is a widely used software for processing data collected by hydro-acoustic method. Echoview Hydro-acoustic Data Analysis Software training videos provide information on the use of this software and some of its modules.

Echoview Hidro – acoustic Data Analysis Software training video series consists of six parts. The “Introduction” section describes the software and its features, and provides information about how and by whom this software can be used. “Data Entry and Biomass estimation” includes transferring the data collected by hydro-acoustic devices through a sample to the software, basic operations and biomass calculation. The “Detailed Analysis” section presents applications for solving frequently encountered problems on data. The “Fish School identification” video includes some features of the EchoView software to distinguish these species from each other in case more than one species is sampled together. Noise recorded with hydro-acoustic data, and EchoView features that can be used to extract and clean records of non-fish and especially plankton are presented in the “Noise and Plankton Extraction” section. The last video of the series is “Fish Tracking”, which explains how fish can be tracked and what kind of results can be obtained from the data collected by fixed systems.

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