A 3.4 and A 3.5 Seminars

Within the scope of the IFISH Project, A 3.4 Seminars to increase awareness of fishers stakeholders on data collection process, Stock Assessment and Management in the EU CFP and Turkey's harmonization and A3.5 Seminars to increase awareness of administrators and academic stakeholders on data collection process, Stock Assessment and Management in the EU CFP and Turkey's harmonization, a total of five seminars, were held from the August 24 – September 1st, 2021 in Ankara, Istanbul and Trabzon.

Within the scope of the project, seminars held in Ankara, Istanbul and Trabzon under the titles of A 3.4 and A 3.5., İsmail USTAOĞLU, Governer of Trabzon provience, Assoc. Prof.Dr. İlhan Aydın, Deputy General Manager of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM), Dr. Süleyman Aslan, Head of Livestock and Aquaculture Research department of TAGEM, Department of Animal Health, Food and Feed Research department of TAGEM, Hüseyin AKBAŞ, Head of Statistics and Information Systems department of General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Cahit GÜLBAY, Director of Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry. Dr. Ercan KÜÇÜK, Director of Central Fisheries Research Center Institue, Prof.Dr. Ali Muzaffer FEYZİOĞLU, Dean of Faculty of Marine Science at KTU, Ministry staff, academics, researchers, fishers and representatives of SÜRKOOP and DEMBİR participated.

In the A 3.4 and A.3.5 Seminars, seminar presentations were presented by Project Coordinator Serhat DİNÇER, Sayın Dr.Mümtaz TIRAŞIN, Prof. Dr. Ali Cemal GÜCÜ and Prof.Dr. Vahdet ÜNAL and project team leader Dr.Mark DIMECH as well as participations of Italian fisheries experts Dr. Evelina SABATELLA, Dr.Mario SBRANA and Dr.Claudia MUSUMECI. Discussions were made about the EU harmonization process, EU Fisheries Common Policy (CFP), Ecosystem Approach and Integrated Resource Management, importance of data collection in fisheries management, requirements for harmonization with the EU fisheries acquis, and stakeholders' expectations and views.

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