IFISH Project Pre-Regional Fisheries Scientific Committee:
Gap Analysis & Needs Assessment Workshop

Within the scope of EU-supported IFISH (Implementation of Stock Assessment in Fisheries Activities) project conducted by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM), "Pre-Regional Fisheries Scientific Committee: Gap Analysis & Needs Assessment Workshop" was held on 11-12 July 2019 in Ankara.

In the workshop; ecosystem-based approach in fisheries and policies for sustainable collection of economically important fish stocks, development of scientific advice and a strategic approach to stock assessment were discussed.

In the workshop attended by TAGEM and BSGM (General Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture), related departments of our Ministry, other public institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU Delegation, Turkish Statistical Institute and experts from European Union countries participated in the workshop. Gap analysis and needs assessment, which is the basis of an effective strategy, were evaluated. A Goal-Oriented Project Planning approach was also used to facilitate full involvement of all participants in the completion of the gap analysis and needs assessment that are basic to the definition of an effective strategy.

The next step in the process will be a second workshop in September that will define the strategy. This will be followed by a third workshop in November that will develop the related operational plan. The whole process will be open to stakeholder review and validation in two Consultation meetings scheduled for November, 2019.

It is anticipated that one outcome of the activity will be a recommendation to establish a multi-representative fisheries advisory board that would provide advice to the Government of Turkey on all scientific issues related to the sustainable management of Turkey’s fishery resources. Such a Board would receive support from the EU funded project in 2020.

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