Data Collection Committee Meeting

“Data Collection Committee Meeting” was held at the project office in Ankara on 13 September, 2019. At the meeting, evaluations were made under the titles of job description and activities of the data committee.

The task of the data committee is to provide information on the completion of the project activities and to develop approaches to the completion of all other activities. Also, the committee is responsible for controlling whether trainers are stick to the work schedule and makes suggestions about the activities required to ensure the sustainability of the results related to the post-project period.

During the meeting, the processes related to the coordination, combination of data sources and software development were discussed. Regarding the data collection process, Erdinç Veske, Fisheries & Aquaculture Researches Coordinator, General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies, and Mehmetcan Gençler, National Fisheries Stock Monitoring and Assessment Center (UBSİBİM) software coordinator, made a presentation on the development of software for the fisheries data collection and processing system, which is an important component of the IFISH project.

The production of protocols and methodology related to data flow systems were discussed at the meeting. In this scope, it is considered to produce preliminary multispecies integrated ecological hypothetical model and organize a workshop to discuss and conclude protocols and methodologies. Furthermore, as a pilot study, a practical application of the data collection system in at least two areas is planned.

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