1. Overall Objective of Project
The overall objective is to contribute Turkey’s gradual alignment with EU legislation in the areas of fisheries policies and help enhance the desired ecosystem approach and sustainability objectives of the Turkish fisheries industry, while setting the foundation for a sustainable fisheries governance strategy in line with the general objectives of the EU CFP.

2. Purpose of Project
The purpose is to enhance institutional capacity of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and increase stakeholder awareness in the field of fisheries stock assessment and ecosystem monitoring.

3. Project Components and Following Activities
Component 1
Strengthening administrative capacity of MoAF regarding fisheries stock assessment, ecosystem monitoring and management and establishment of a multi representative advisory body. Administrative capacity of MoAF will be strengthened via this component. For this purpose, among others, gap analysis and needs assessment report of the current data collection system, fisheries experts and institutional inventories, a strategy paper on ecosystem approach, integrated resource management, fisheries governance etc., draft operational plan for the management of major fish stocks in Turkey and draft legislation on a multi-representative National Fisheries Advisory Body will be produced.

Component 2
Improvement of data collection, data validation and data assessment system. Current data collection, data validation and data assessment system will be improved via this component. For this purpose, among others, current data systems and infrastructures, data resources will be analyzed, fisheries data collection and processing software, preliminary multispecies integrated ecological hypothetical model, protocols and methodology regarding data relay systems will be developed. In addition, data collection system in minimum two areas of Turkey (one in the Black Sea and one in the Meditterranean Sea) will be tested through two o-the-spot checks.

Component 3
Implementation of trainings and increasing stakeholder awareness and involvement of stakeholders in fisheries stock assessment. Within the scope of this component; trainings and study visit for the MoAF personnel and potential advisory body members, various awareness raising activities such as preparation of the visibility materials, launching a project specific web page will be conducted. In addition, seminars and workshops to inform the stakeholders on the issues such as data collection process, EU Stock Assessment and Management in the EU CFP will be implemented under this component.
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